Pet insurance may seem like an unnecessary expense to most pet owners, but Americans alone spent more than $30 billion on pet health care in 2010. That raises the question: How much could you afford to spend if your pet had a medical emergency?


As veterinary science continues to advance, procedures and equipment are becoming more readily available. As a result, veterinary bills continue to rise. In fact, some new procedures cost more than $4,000. You buy insurance for your car, why not on your best friend?


Pets Best Insurance
Are you looking for the best coverage for your money? Our pet insurance plans are neither the lowest nor the highest, but they do provide the best coverage for your money!
VPI Pet Insurance
A VPI Pet Insurance policy provides reimbursement coverage for your pet's eligible medical treatments, surgeries, lab fees, X-rays, prescriptions and more, so that you can make optimal healthcare decisions for your pet based on your veterinarian's recommendation, rather than on the cost of treatment.
Trupanion Pet Insurance
We offer the most complete coverage for your pet for unexpected illnesses and accidents. If your pet becomes sick or injured we will pay for all diagnostic tests, surgeries, and medications up to $20,000 ??? including hereditary and congenital disorders.
The ASPCA Pet Insurance
The ASPCA does more than rescue the victims of animal cruelty. They're also committed to helping you protect your pet with affordable pet insurance. ASPCA Pet Health Insurance offers coverage and service worthy of the ASPCA name.
PurinaCare Pet Health Insurance
PurinaCare offers 2 plans, one with preventive care and one without. Currently doing business in 40 states (with plans to expand nationally.) PurinaCare is one of only two companies to have received the AAHA (American Animal Hospital Association) Seal of Acceptance. They are underwritten by the New Hampshire Insurance Company and the State of Pennsylvania Insurance Company.
Embrace Pet Insurance
There's pet insurance and there's ... Embrace. We're one of the nation's highest-rated pet insurance companies. Pet parents choose us because we cover more stuff, we reimburse you more when you claim, and we're rated over 9 out of 10 in customer service.